First Steps

Welcome to The Golden Age survivors!

Here are all the Guides you need to whitelist:

Rules ; RP Lore NAMALSK ; Character Guide ; Tickets

DayZ RP - The Golden Age!

We would like to introduce our project “DayZ RP - The Golden Age”! The Golden Age has been around for two years, but we have taken a break and now want to start again with a DayZ RP project on the Esseker map. Are you wondering what it takes to be part of our project? Read the next steps carefully and work through one point at a time, then you will soon be part of “The Golden Age”!

What's next?

  • It is important to us that you first deal with the Rules for forum, server and RP. This also includes the principle: "Not knowing does not protect against punishment".
  • In order to be able to create a character for you in this world, the RP Lore NAMALSK itself and the Character Guide would have to be observed. !IMPORTANT! It is not absolutely necessary to upload your character in the forum, but you can decide for yourself whether you want to present it to the community under Character Introductions.
  • So that you can let us know that you have come up with a character and are ready to start your struggle for survival, submit a new ticket in Tickets with the category “New Character”. You should have already taken further steps to do this in the Charactere Guide. As soon as a team member is available, he will take care of the ticket and your whitelist.
  • In order to be able to carry out a whitelisting, simply follow the instructions of the team member who takes care of your whitelisting. Only go to the channel “Whitelist” in the Discord when instructed to do so. A team member will take care of your whitelisting if someone is online and has time. Please be patient, because we too have a private time and a private life!

Important information:

To get a small overview of servers and mods of the RP project, we have also prepared a few things for you. It would be an advantage to read through some basic informations. These includes:

I hope everything is expressed in an understandable way for you, otherwise just ask if you have any questions in the Discord.

Owner Mario