Forum and Discord rules

  • The instructions of the team (owner, admins, supporter) must be followed at all times.
  • Only owners and admins have absolute decision-making power. The last instance is always the owner.
  • The team reserves the right to delete contributions from users without prior agreement if they are inappropriate or violate rules.
  • Treat other community members as you would like to be treated yourself to ensure that we are respectful of one another.
  • Streaming: By registering on our project and creating a character, as well as playing on our server, each player confirms that he or she may be recorded in a stream, as well as audio or video recording and thus also published .
  • In Discord as in Teamspeak you have to use the name you created in the forum.

It is forbidden…

  • Reputation damage, hate speech and bullying towards any community or team member.
  • Exploitation of gray areas that are not covered by the rules.
  • Political / religious / racist statements as well as pictures and videos.
  • Pornographic pictures, videos or the like.
  • Images of violence or right-wing radical slogans, symbols, images or statements.

Server and RP rules

  • Reallife rule (real character behavior): Your character is neither a cartoon character, nor one of the X-Men, let alone a superman. He is a completely normal character like everyone else, with all his weaknesses, strengths, wishes, dreams, goals, fears, impairments, etc. As a result, characters usually have a rather complex and very unique experience of events and an equally complex one Emotions and thoughts. The real life rule is also defined by the fact that every character is responsible for his own life, for his actions and statements. You have to be aware that every action and every spoken word can have consequences. The basic drive of every character should be survival. In a nutshell, keep the deeds and words as your character would act or react in real life.
  • New Life Rule
    • Bug death during RP: If your character dies from a bug while you are involved in an RP, you can decide here whether your character is dead or not. If you have decided to keep your character alive, the event should still be played in RP.
    • Bug death without RP: If your character dies from a bug or another death without being involved in RP, you can respawn your character again.

What is to be considered:

  • The Value Of Life is here very important
  • There is no OOC (Out of Character) on the RP server allowed
  • OOR (Out of Roleplay) should not be promoted
  • Metagaming is strictly prohibited
  • Combat Logging will not be tolerated under any circumstances
  • Rape RP must not be operated here
  • Captivity only under considering the Value Of Life
  • OOC Agreement must in no way be someone's advantage or disadvantage in RP
  • There is no KOS! Always act in the spirit of RP!
  • Permadeath a character should always be the last option
  • A shot announcement must be made so that the person opposite can still react!

  • Combat logging and RP escape are in no way tolerated!
  • A well must not be built over unnecessarily. However, if a well falls into the area of a camp (see group dynamics), this is permitted.
  • Completely masked persons must not be recognized! However, if the masked person speaks in the same voice as always, one can guess who is behind the masquerade.
  • Theft is only allowed if the person being stolen is not offline and could influence what is happening.
  • Vehicles that are found free-standing, i.e. not next to or in a visible base, may be taken free.
  • Build and loot as little as possible, but as much as necessary. Think about the server performance!
  • Before you start building, consider whether were you would like to build, even we could add a building via DayZ Editor!
  • And finally after all that dry rules, be fair to each other and have fun together!

Ioner and group dynamic


A loner is not part of any group.

  • If you don't belong to any group, you are allowed to build a house with a maximum of 15 walls.
  • A small garage or a small shed may be built into the property, taking into account the 15 walls.
  • Being allowed to settle as a loner in a place where someone already lives - be it a loner or a group - should always be negotiated in the RP.

Group dynamics

A group may consist of at least two, but a maximum of seven people.

  • A group can set up a camp. A camp is defined by the fact that the maximum number of people in the group + 1, the number of houses may be confiscated. To do this, however, the houses must be connected directly to one another with walls.
  • As with the loner, each member of the group is allowed to confiscate a house and convert it with 15 walls without setting up a camp. However, these houses must be in the same village.

  • A group is also allowed to confiscate a large building as a camp.

Attack and defense

With every attack on a person or group, consequences must be expected (see real life rule)


  • As a loner you have the opportunity to get help from other survivors, be it in defense or attack.
  • Together with the help, however, you must not exceed the maximum group size
  • Of course, a loner can also defend himself. Here, however, the Value of Life is capitalized. Do everything to protect your life, including the life of the attacker.


  • Also as a group it is possible to get help from other survivors, be it in defense or attack.
  • Please note that your own group plus help does not exceed the maximum group size.
  • The Value of Life also applies to group defense. Do everything to protect your life, including the life of the attacker.

If you have any questions about the rules or if you do not understand some of the terms, so you can question them during the whitelist conversation.