Year 1975 - High up in the north of Russia, but not belonging to the state, lies the small island of Namalsk. In this year there were only a few inhabitants on the island. The island looked peaceful, but it wasn't going to be that way for long. By simply trading fish and skins from the Arctic Circle, which they earned themselves, the inhabitants managed to establish a successful trade. This island was never discussed and no one made efforts in world politics to take possession of this island.

Year 1990 - The island had remained peaceful for years. Hunters went about their trade, the skins of the polar bears were very popular in the world. Ice fishermen produced tons of food that were also shipped worldwide. Everything that could only be traded near the Arctic Circle was made in Namalsk. The small island slowly flourished as one of the northernmost and most successful trading companies.

Year 1995 - For the past five years, however, science seemed to have turned its attention to Namalsk. Archaeologists, physicists, linguists and many more stationed themselves at various locations across the island. Rumors circulated among the people of Namalsk that supposedly science had found something that was very important. But apparently this did not really interest the population.

Year 2000 - The Athena project has now been published by science, but they only passed on bulky information on it. In the last 5 years, military personnel from all over the world have also poured in. Research facilities have been and are being built, and military posts have been distributed across the island. Apparently the military is now doing everything in its power to participate in the project.

Year 2010 - Despite the publication of the Athena project in 2000, the island and around the secret research facilities, some of which were built deep into the earth, seemed to be fairly quiet. Even the military stayed in their stationed places without causing any real excitement. The people of Namalsk did not really seem to be a thorn in the side of this scientific research, on the contrary, they even benefited from the current situation through trade. In mid-2010, however, science published that a new era would dawn in the next ten years. Quoted from a newspaper article, a physicist said: "A new age of technology will dawn in the next few years, the unimaginable will be possible!"

Year 2015 - Over the past few years, people around the world have looked to Namalsk, more and more scientists have been called in and the military has now doubled. Unrest arose in world politics, every continent wanted to participate in the research and in the alleged technologies. Conflicts were fueled, the tension on the island between various military units came to a head. The people of Namalsk of course noticed this unrest and tried to settle this unrest between the countries themselves through their heads. They do not want to lose their country, which they have built up through effort and sweat, as well as the reputation they have built, through simple disputes from other countries.

Year 2019 - Despite all efforts of the people of Namalsk, as well as attempts by world politics to find a compromise between other countries, the situation between the continents remained tense. In the middle of the year, however, the island was hit by a huge explosion. A research facility was completely razed to the ground on a mountain ridge. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but you saw these pictures in the media. None of the scientists in this complex survived. The military immediately mobilized. An investigation has been started into what could have caused this explosion. All the papers and records that were in the building also went up in smoke. Despite the tensions, world politics suddenly seemed to agree that in this situation we had to work together. Did you know what to expect or are there still records? A world politics that works together? This seemed like a bad joke ...

Spring 2020 - Suddenly, several scientists were suddenly withdrawn, and the military decimated on the island. There was talk of a disease and events that are inexplicable. Often one could hear loud thunder and a rumble over the country, which resembled an earthquake. The population was asked to leave the cities and villages and join the military. Far outside in the northwest of the ice area, an outpost was set up as a rescue station. Despite all efforts, the military failed to withstand the situation. Many people died feverishly from this unknown disease, but they awoke to new life. The “dead” now attacked the living more aggressively and baring their teeth.

Summer 2020 - This disease has now spread around the world, it progressed too quickly before it could be fought. 50% of the world's population has now been wiped out. Everyone tried to save his own skin or to flee wherever he could. Politics, infrastructure, everything fell apart. Nuclear reactors around the world were left unsupervised and thus exposed to core meltdown. The power grid collapsed. These events resulted in even more people being torn to their deaths. The situation on Namalsk seemed no different.

Winter 2020 - 20% of the total world population survived this chaos. There was no more electricity, the world darkened. But the clock didn't seem to stop on Namalsk. The perpetual events like the thunder and rumble continued. No one was to be seen on the streets anymore, only those who had returned from the dead, panting and baring teeth. Is all hope now lost?

2021 New Year - Nonetheless, survivors seem to stand up from different places. And history is being written here! Can people pull themselves up and find out what happened? Will they manage to build a civilization again? Is the battle against the risen dead not yet lost? And what does it have to do with the events on Namalsk? Was this perhaps the trigger for it all? In the meantime, survivors have come together to survive together, but they had to leave the island for the time being because the island was under attack by the military. All were taken to a different place, namely to Chernarus.

2021 autumn NOW - After the large bombardment of certain locations on Namalsk and after the dust from the explosions had subsided, some calm returned to the country. Apparently the bombardment would have been useless, because the events on Namalsk remained, as well as the undead and hideous creatures continued to rise again. Despite the bombardment, you can still see survivors crawling out of their hiding spots here and there. A helicopter with survivors that the island already knew landed a little south-east of the island. They also set up a camp south of Tara Harbor in a village. Furthermore, the military still seems to have an interest on the island, but no one knows exactly why. And from here you come into play! Can you find out something of what is going on here? Can you survive this world or do you even want to live? You decide your way!