Character Guide


Each character has to be created as the Lore says. What your character has done and learned before this event is up to your imagination, but the story of your character should be true to reality.

The character creation

  • First you come up with a good concept for your character and write down his story just for yourself. !IMPORTANT! You don't have to send your character description to the team for now! However, make sure that you have access to your character description at all times. Your character description can be requested by the team at any time in the event of abnormalities or rule breaks.
  • Please make sure that your character's story remains true to reality and that your character adequately describes why he is the way he is. We also respect every gender equally, which is why it is only important to play on one character of the same gender.
  • The story should also include what your character was doing before the whole event, where he lived, what he learned, how he came to some experiences in his life. However, not everything has to be specified explicitly.
  • Also think about how your character experienced the beginning of the apocalypse. Did your character lose someone in it? Why is he actually on Namalsk? ...
  • As soon as you have processed these points and your character concept is ready, you apply for a whitelist via the ticket system.


The ticket system is used to request a whitelist conversation. Just follow the next points and it will be taken care of you.

  • First you click on the tab “Tickets” and create a “New Ticket”.
  • Under Category you select the item “New Character”.
  • In subject please write the following text “Whitelist (name of character)” replacing “(name of character)” with the name of your character, the same applies to the following points.
  • In Message you then enter further information, which should look like this in order to be able to carry out your whitelisting:
    • Name: "(your character's name)"
    • Age: "(your character's age)"
    • Place of residence: "(State and origin of your character)"
    • Occupation: "(Your character's occupation)"
    • Hobbies: "(Your character's acquired hobbies)"
  • Last but not least, write a confirmation under this information, which should look like this:
    • “I hereby confirm a prepared character concept, to which I have access at any time and would be ready for the whitelisting.”
  • Now all you have to do is wait until a team member takes care of you. I would like to mention once again that please be patient, because we too have a private life!