Starter Package ESSEKER


Welcome to the DayZ RP project of "The Golden Age" with the motto "The Walking Dead"! We are officially back in business in DayZRP of a special kind since 04.09.2021 ;) Many survivors are currently on our server, but now a map change to "Banov" is imminent, and we now want to let The Golden Age blossom in full splendor, which concerns many changes ;) At the moment the survivors are still fighting Esseker, but a threat will soon let them move on. Are you also interested in finding out why this is all happening and why everything is the way it is? Then come with us! If there are any questions just ask on our Discord ;)

Greetings Onwer Mario

To make it a little more comfortable for you to start on Namalsk at the beginning, because it can get quite cold, we have come up with a small starter package. There is also a small feature that enables your character to become more resistant to the cold and diseases over time. Always keep an eye on the bar at the bottom left of the inventory. The higher it rises, the more resistant one becomes to everything.



  Beanie Hat White

Hunting Bag White

Thermal Jacket White

Thermal Pants White

Combat Gloves Grey

Athletic Shoes Blue


Baseball Bat

Hunting Knife







Food, Drinks and Medicine:

Opened Can of Baked Beans

Opened Can of Spaghetti

Spite, Pipsi and Nota Cola

Tetracycline Antibiothics